World's First Direct Trade Foundation
program of growth for food producers
JOIN US! CEO, Rovshan Rasulov.
About the fund
The Direct Trade Foundation is a program to enable producers and restaurant-hotel businesses to trade directly and accelerate their growth by eliminating all intermediaries.
The program includes hands-on experience of direct trade.

In addition to the investment, the Foundation provides a direct access network, automated product promotion technology, and logistics infrastructure, which cuts costs drastically and earns more profits in each sale.

Producers will be selected
in the first round
Start direct sales with 1000 restaurants, hotels, and cafes in the US Foodservice Industry
The program includes hands-on experience of direct trade.

Thanks to the 25 years of expertise in the industry, Rasulov will provide step-by-step sales growth coaching for the program and share trade secrets, and unique industry insights.

The producers will learn how to digitize and automate their marketing, sales, and logistics processes:

The graduated producers will become their products' best and most sellers in a new market without spending on costly intermediaries.