We help companies get customers from the Internet via:

Create a conversion website
Google and Facebook Ads
Accurate analytics

Who we can be useful to

You have production and you want to establish or increase sales of products.
You sell products in the online store and want the advertising budget to pay off and bring profit.
B2B companies
You sell products or provide professional services to other companies and want to increase turnover.
We can help with:
We can help with:
We can help with:
Increase the number of leads to the company
Promotion of a new line of goods or services
Increase sales to current customers
Find partners and dealers
Test new products for demand
Increase the number of product orders
Increase conversion rate
Increase ROAS


Digital complex
Online advertising
Website development
Website development
Website development
Online advertising
Website development
Website development
Coffee roaster manufacturer
Exclusive importer of Dole ® products to Ukraine
Wallpaper factory supplying products to Europe
Online advertising
International chain of creative centers for teenagers
Concealed door manufacturer
Accelerator for manufacturers
Online advertising
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Digital complex
Website development
Online advertising
Website development
Launching Facebook and Instagram advertising
Website development
Online advertising
Website development
Exclusive importer of Dole ® products to Ukraine
Accelerator for manufacturers
Online advertising
Website development
International chain of creative centers for teenagers


Website Development

We develop websites to fulfil the necessary business task:
Selling goods or services
Introducing a product, a service, a company or a production facility
Searching for partners, dealers or franchisee
Testing a product or a new business line

Google and Facebook Ads

Digital Complex

Online ready-to-operate leading of your company. We bring your business to the online market and improve it. The best choice for those who need:

Website Development

Google and Facebook Ads

Digital Complex

Managing Online Sales to Complement the Offline Ones
Bringing business to the online market completely
Find a partner to entrust some online marketing tasks
Showing ads to those looking for your product now or getting to search for it soon.
Setting up Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram ad campaigns.
What We Do:

№1. Your Vision

We listen to you carefully. Your vision of, expectations and requirements for the project. We formulate business tasks as well as those posed before a new website. We find the best solution for project implementation.

№2. Investigation. We dive deep into your business

We study your product, customers and competitors.

An important part of the job. As soon as it is fulfilled, the website performance can be increased by times.

As a result, we understand what needs to be emphasized, what website elements are of major and minor importance and what should be avoided.

№3. Content creation

Content is the king! Content makes 80 % of a website. The better we present the product with its various features and advantages, the better the result is. Obviously, it has to look attractive.

We'll analyse the existing content and advise on what suits the new website and what needs to be added.

We'll also arrange photo sessions and video recording as well as content post-production if necessary. A complete turn-key project.

№4. Website Development

We do website design, pagination and development. The project implementation begins ...

№5. Website Customisation

The site is ready. All we have to do is customise it, namely:

  • enable sending requests from the website to you and/or your employee
  • optimize the site for SEO
  • set up: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manage
  • set up widgets such as live chats, callback option, etc., if necessary.
What We Do:

№1. We study your product/product range

We define the competitive advantages of the product as well as logical and/or emotional reasons for the buyer to buy it in order to promote this while advertising.

№2. We analyse the online demand

We analyse the current online demand for your product or category. We find the most appropriate search queries and define the target audience for advertising. We choose traffic channels that would be most effective.

№3. We create promotion banners

We create banner sets and all the necessary graphic ad creatives.

№4. Technical Settings

We create and set up Google and Facebook Ads Manager as well as Google Analytics and conversion tracking. We install Google Analytics on your website to track overall advertising efficiency. We launch the ad campaign.

№5. Analysis and Optimization

We analyse the efficiency of every ad channel, campaign, commercial, keyword, banner and other indicators. We test hypotheses and optimize ads to increase the number of conversions.


We work with any type of campaign: search, banner, video, shopping, smart campaigns.
What We Do:

The action plan is rather custom and depends on your particular intentions and tasks.

To begin with, we listen to you carefully. We learn about the tasks posed before your business and the desired outcomes on the online market. Further, we analyse your product/services/product range as well as your company's IT infrastructure and business processes.

Afterwards, we'll be able to answer the following questions:

What is the most appropriate website type?

  • Would it be a landing, a multi-page website or an online store? Or should we first create an MVP site to quickly test the online demand for your product?

What promotion should we choose?

  • Should we focus on SEO or launch just PPC advertising and/or targeted advertising on social media? Is it necessary to place your company on price comparison websites and niche platforms? Or should you place your goods at rozetka.com.ua? Or should we do all that simultaneously?

What IT infrastructure will be needed?

  • Should we use and set up IP telephony, a CRM, a dealer portal, call tracking or anything else? Should a router be improved or reset for 1С to operate faster? Or you just need a fast fibre-optic Internet connection?

As a result, we'll be able to develop an action plan to accomplish your business goals and tasks on the online market.

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